Sizes & Prices

Why risk leaving your valuables at home? Secure you belongings at Heathrow Safe Deposit Ltd.

What we do

At Heathrow Safe Deposit Ltd, we provide a secure facility to store valuables for all clients. Our safety deposit boxes are available in various sizes to suit your specific requirements. Small boxes are mostly suitable for documents and very small jewellery items whereas our medium to larger boxes can accommodate jewellery items, gold bullion, loose diamonds, passports and other sentimental items.

Heathrow Safe Deposit Ltd operates a secure safe deposit system with many facets of security in place, to ensure your possessions will be safely secured. Our facility will house a multi layered access system containing:

  • Biometric scanners for fingerprint recognition
  • Advanced facial recognition equipment
  • Access cards with personal identification numbers
  • High Definition CCTV
  • Multiple Alarm systems monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The most resistance graded vault room in Europe
  • Individual private safe deposit lockers
  • Tested and certified by ECB-S to current security standards
  • Reliable and highly trained staff
  • Security Escort to your vehicle

Your privacy is our priority. What you store in your safe deposit box completely private – and only accessible by you.

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